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We offer our weatherization services at LOW COST for homes based on their heating type. Prices are lower for households that qualify under the Low Income Weatherization program. The prices are due to the lower incentives we receive based on heating type on the home.

The services include but not limited to: weatherstripping all exterior doors and interior doors as needed, caulking windows, sealing pipe penetrations, insulating outlet and switch plates, & etc. Extra measures are based on the homes needs to reduce infiltration.

First we'll run a diagnostic test on your home using a blower door. This will determine the amount of leakage your home has. This is important to determine if your home needs the weatherization service. We don't want to make your home too air tight.

After the weatherization measures are performed, we will run a final diagnostic test to ensure your home has a lower leakage rate.

* Our diagnostic inspection will also help us make recommendations to the homeowner for extra efficiency improvements.

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