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About Us

Big Star Conservation Inc. is an energy efficiency service provider that also participates in the Standard Offer Program.

We offer energy efficiency measures to single family homes at NO or LOW COST. Most of our work is done at NO COST because we receive incentives, through the public utilities, to help homeowners reduce kilowatt usage in their home. We also offer energy efficiency measures at LOW COST to homes that offer lower incentive payments. Those homes are based on the heating type.

Our services include:

Duct Efficiency - for all homes at NO COST.

Weatherization - for all homes at NO or LOW COST based on homes' heating type. We can even provide full, comprehensive energy audits for your home if you're interested in participating in the energy audit program. The program is provided at LOW COST. These programs are offered to customers in your

local Utility service territory. If you are in a co-op area, don't hesitate to ask about pricing.


Our Employees have over 20 years of experience in home energy conservation. We have HERS Rated & BPI Certified Energy Auditors.

My employees are Performance Verification Certified

-background checks conducted on a yearly basis

-employees complete mandatory customer service training

We carry General Liability Insurance

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